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I think if Jesus came today it would be alot like His first coming. The Christians of today would be much like thew Jews of back then except they would be saying "If you're the messiah then save us from the liberals, save us from the U.N., rise up and put your political stamp on the world" but Jesus wouldn't do that. Jesus would most likely preach to the gay community, to temples of "sin" like Vegas, or highly secular places where He is, or was, hated. Jesus would still teach His message of forgiveness, of non-judgement. He love would everybody, even sinners. Some Christian leaders would question him, saying "You're not the God we've come to know, you mingle with such morally bankrupt people." And yet others would feel their power threatened. They would call Him evil and would have him crucified, and the people would go with it.

But that's all hypothetical..If we do see some seemingly holy person perform miracles for the world and set the limelight on him for the world to worship, I don't believe that would be God. Jesus wouldn't seek the limelight but would garner it anyways simply from the trueness of His word and the spreading of His message by word of mouth. God is a quiet God, performing miracles everyday for the faithful in ways that don't draw massive attention. Imagine how peaceful and orderly nature is before man comes in and disturbs it with his own noise. We disturb the peacefulness of our own hearts and souls with the noise we create; our entertainment, our bright lights, loud music, our need for possessions, for money, for goals, for acceptance.

Truly, if God were to come back today, would we hear Him? Would we listen?
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i think the ones that would her Him would be the ones that understood His messages. the one i believe that is most taken with a grain of salt, more so, heard and not practiced, is "Love thy neighbor as you would yourself."
every sunday durning mass i make sure to pray for the marines as well as the insurges and the Iraqi's and basically everyone else i can think of.

but i agree with you on this one
when jesus get's here, they won't crucify him, they'll study him. haha, crazy darpa and their scientists.
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