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4/10/05 12:25 am - bobs_taken

Three people, who shall remain nameless, joined this tiny community in the forgotten corner of the universe. But those people, who shall remain nameless, have yet to post anything to said community..whaaaat..is uuuuup..with thaaaat?..that was my jerry seinfeld impression. Pretty good huh? Like how I switch between properly capitalizing words and not? that's pretty good too isn't it. yeeeeeeeah. My grammar sucks, that's a complaint, take notes. I know complaining is most likely not emotionally healthy and even if we just stir debates that's probably not emotionally healty either..but by golly we'll have fun..which is probably not emotionally healthy. Look, I spelled healthy as healty..pretty good huh?

I forgot to post this to aiurbob so I had to delete it and now here it is again being posted to the proper place..there's no reason you needed to know that but it just goes to show you how futile certain ventures can be..or are all ventures ultimately pointless? discuss amongst yourselves

4/6/05 07:45 pm - bobs_taken

my girlfriend doesn't seem to want to join this community..that's my complaint..I think she's scared of knowing any of you, which I don't blame her for, but there's nothing to be scared of right? except maybe for matt..ha

4/6/05 12:55 pm - aiurx - sinus and allergies

why the hell do allergies exist? i mean for real
im out riding
and i sneeze 20 times in a row
no kidding
after 5 i feel like im gonna throw up cause i cant close my mouth or swallow
and the phlem!!!

4/6/05 11:00 am - aiurx - six days at the bottom of the ocean

my complaint
i look at this world
i look past the good things
and i see how we have screwed up everything
no more trust
the hate
the pain
why is it all like this?
why must it be like htis?
theres a song
by explosions in the sky
called coney island
and some old guy is reminescing
how they dont sleep on the beach no more
isnt it sad?
this may lack structure
but where did we turn against each other and stop caring for the anonymous person?
when did hate become some prevelant?
when dreams are ludicrous now
what are we to do?

4/5/05 08:40 am - bobs_taken

So, I've been having a problem with evolution. It just doesn't make any logical sense to me. I read some evidence of evolution..ok..ok..but I still must list the problems I have wiith it:

1. There's no examples of missing links. If it's truly a gradual thing then there should not be such clear cut distinctions in animals, rather there should be many subtleties that link all life together. Answer me this: why do dogs, though vastly different in size and color and shape, still remain dogs?

2. Why is the "source" life still around and why doesn't it still evolve even today? Why are the single celled life forms we supposedly came from still around? Why over these billions of years, billions of years for evolution to take place, are we not tripping over hard core proof of evolution when the source life has been around all this time to potentially make many missing links?

3. One example of "evidence" of evolution is that creatures share "non-functional" characteristics across species borders. But truly, what is functional? What is truly the functional reason for a bird to fly? What is truly the functional reason for creatures to walk on land, or to not produce asexually? One site said that some traits are genetically easier to evolve and so they're evolved, but why then did anything ever evolve? You can't tell me that it's "easier" to go from a single celled organism to a complex many celled organism

The only way I could logically conceive of evolution being able to happen would be extremely rare genetic mutations that held traits different from it's orginal species, though that wouldn't really work because it would have no other creatures to mate with. Let's say a creature makes the jump from cold blooded to warm blooded. I suppose one day a little reptile is born with warm blood. Does it mate with another cold blooded creature and have luke warm blooded children? But reptiles can't be warm blooded, and there's no luke warm blooded creatures around, so did evolution happen by several creatures giving birth at seperate times to completely different species from their own so that those new species could reproduce amongst themselves?

I don't question adaptability, I'm sure animals will go through some changes to adapt to a new environment, such as swallows who changed size and color when they moved, or moths who changed color due to industrialization, or even dogs who are bred for certain traits by breeders. But these are more so example of man messing with nature and nature adapting to our actions then it is proof of evolution. And if evolution is adaptability then why are there no fish with wings that can fly in the sky? It's only logical that if creatures who live by land would grow legs than creatures who jump from the surface of the ocean towards the sky would grow wings.

Feel free to offer you opinions to this post written in tiredness but evolution still remains bothersome to me. I personally believe that creatures started out a certain way and have merely adapted over the course of time to produce the larger variety that's present today. That just makes the most sense to me and seems to jive with most all the evidence available, including fossil records.

4/4/05 03:57 am - bobs_taken

I have a good complaint. I am a robot and have no will of my own. My mom was complaining today about me "not doing anything", whatever that means. Actually, I know what it means, I've heard it from too many people. But my mom is especially good at it, implying that I'm an embarrasment to her family and perhaps even her friends. She has to defend me, or make excuses, it's all quite charming really. Now I have to cater to her family as well as the world in general it seems. She says I should do things and prove how "grown up" I am and prove the people "in my corner" right. Is she really in my corner? Are you really in my corner? I don't even answer people when they ask what I do, so people assume I do absolutely nothing, that I make no progress whatsoever in life. Good people, I hope you're happy, because maybe you'll break me, maybe you'll mold me into your own personal image of what it means to be alive. Maybe I should fill out report cards of life to give out so people can stop freaking wondering what I'm doing. Maybe I should make business cards so people can think I mean something. Maybe I should hire a family to take a photo with so I can finally write those family christmas cards that say "here's the status of my life" because, apparently, everybody's eyes are on me. Apparently it's some sort of virtue, it shows you "care", to make comments about others lives.

Yes, I have stuff. Yes, I get money for food and gas. And you know what? I don't care about any of it. I would not mind hitting rock bottom because I would finally be free. This "stuff", this "life" I'm in would no longer be choking me. Maybe people would finally leave me alone and keep their eyes on their own life and stop judging mine.

If I do "make it" in the world I might not even tell anybody about it

4/2/05 08:31 am - bobs_taken

This is a pretty good sight

So what's my complaint? Well my first complaint is that I'm very tired, but that's my fault. And (extreme topic change...whhhhooooaaaa..I told you I'm tired) that site has some pretty honest reviews and discussions on movies/books. It's a Christian site but that's ok, it's not over baring, and some reviews barely mention Christianity (for those of you who might be turned off by Christianity), but I must say they're pretty well written no matter what you believe. Anyways, there's a section on there about the Harry Potter series which most of the articles, thankfully, defend. I consider myself fairly religious (which is a confusing topic for me; sometimes I feel not religious at all, other times I feel very religious) but I also consider myself highly imaginative. I like and appreciate grand myths and fantastic imageries. One of my favorite books of the Bible is Revelations for that very reason. And I appreciate the Harry Potter series for the same reasons. It's a magical and imaginative world that lets my mind drift elsewhere.

In yet another extreme topic change I suppose I'll say my second complaint is how confusing it all is. Where does the realm of dreams end and the realm of reality begin? Or do they both exist in harmony? In reality good and evil seem like meaningless topics, best left to the dreamers. Nature itself seems to say life is nothing but an act of survival. But in my dreams and imagination the world can become so black and white. Evil can be personified in something tangible to be confronted. But then again, they are my dreams, and it's only me that can truly see and appreciate my imagination. So am I living in a self dillusionary world of my own creation? Or is this introspective struggle of mine the reality of my soul? And perhaps the greatest question of all: is there such an inner black and white struggle present in every person?

This is all just pointless philosophical musings really that would most likely garner responses such as "The struggle is present in everybody but morality is relative." Maybe this is an empty post to you but to me this all means at least something. I've spent so long in my own head but I'm frustrated that I don't really know who I am on the outside. In my dreams I can fly but in reality I feel lost and chained to the ground.

4/1/05 07:12 pm - aiurx - heh.

the internet is a scary business
isnt it?


3/31/05 05:41 pm - bobs_taken

I sure do have something to complain about today. Terri Schiavo died at the age of 41. I certainly do hope her husband and the courts are happy. My God, what is wrong with this country? We insist on allowing abortion, we insist on killing prisoners, and we insist on killing defenseless bed-ridden people? Is it about money? I certainly hope in my heart of hearts that it's not. Since when does money take presidence over life?

Setting aside, for a brief moment, this whole "right-to-die" matter in the general sense, let's talk about Terri. Why, with any reasonable amount of logic, did her husband want her dead so badly when there was a reasonable solution: her parents were willing to take care of her. Here's a better question for the ages: Why was her husband living with another woman? Why did her husband have kids and a new life with this new woman? Why does adultery not mean he loses credibility in his "marriage" and why did he not lose his rights to say anything about Terri? Forgive me, but wasn't there a time when adultery would've meant something? Wasn't there a time when marriage actually meant something? Congress and the president stepping over the sanctity of marriage in the Terri case? I don't think so. Michael lost his marital voice when he decided to give up and move on with his life, all while conviently staying married. Tell me, is that dignity to Terri? Was it dignity to Terri for her husband to be living and sleeping with another woman? In sickness and in health has gone bye-bye.

Now back to the right-to-die topic. If someone were holding a gun to their head would you tell yourself "They want to die, I wouldn't want to live in their situation either" or would you actually do something about it? So why fight for a persons right to kill themselves? Perhaps you only fight in "hopeless" cases? Do you honestly believe it's hopeless? Many times in the medical field have the words "there's no hope" been shown to be wrong. In the 1800's scientists believed we had discovered all we can. That was wrong too. Terri was not brain dead. Terri fell victim to the pessimistic and hopeless attitude of the medical community. This is exactly where science and reason fail. Where the situation is so bleak that science and reason pull a black cloth over our eyes hope must prevail. It is in these situations that we do progress. We find the answers. Necessity becomes the mother of invention. We press on in the face of reason that tells us there's no hope, that we know all we can know and nothing more can be done. Even if we fail in the end, we tried. We tried and we sacrificed in the name of giving a higher appreciation to life instead of giving up.

And that's what the "death culture", as some call it, is about: giving up. Prisoners will never change so we give up and kill them. Pregnancy is too hard so we give up and end it. Being sick is too hard so we wish to give up and end our life. Yes, self sacrifice is hard but it's the higher path. So few people wish to take the higher path anymore. As a society we must appreaciate all life and we must not be afriad to make sacrifices to hold on to that appreciation.

3/31/05 01:02 am - bobs_taken

So I have alot I could complain about..quite sad really. Maybbe I should complain about how much I complain? I complain too much..There! I said it! Anyways, that's boring. Why are people such #@$%@# on the roadway? Nice guys finish last and complete jerks finish first..that's the law of the motorway. Mashin' mashin'..and then it's blood on the motorway.

That was DJ shadow I was referencing for anybody who thinks I've lost my mind. People who think I've lost my mind or that I'm weird, that's a complaint for a whole 'nother day. Anywho, maybe traffic is a microcosm of life? Where are those people going? Where does speeding get them? In the end you just end up dead or pulled over or who knows what, your car is stolen by a gang of free thinking radical cows. My point is, since it's like life, where are all these business/career savvy people going? You got a ton of money, you got a great job, good for you. You know what? You'll lose it after you die. It's building your house on sand people. It's all going to wash away in the end and then where will you be?
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