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Some people say religion is good for people to find peace, but that it's not neccesary. But what about a person who doesn't find religion, peace, until the very end of their life? Somebody who lead an evil life, even if it was just them who felt they were evil, and were grief stricken and full of guilt at the things they had done and the life they had lived. There's no looking back and not regretting the past for them, there's only forgiveness. But what's the point of forgiveness at the end? Their cumalitive life was evil, it was full of what's the point of their life as a whole? Can you list the events and choices of their life (perhaps a serial killer, drug dealer, perhaps a bomber who killed untold amounts of people) and say they were a good person because of a single moment at the end of their life? Would you be laughed at or called evil for saying anything nice about such an obviously "evil" person?

Anyways..What is forgiveness? What does it mean to ask for forgiveness when you're alone? On your death bed, when the world calls you evil, who is forgiving you? Is it ethical to forgive yourself?.
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